Men, would you date someone who is a little bit overweight?

Would you? Would you date someone who have a little belly fat, or someone who have big thighs?


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  • Did you know that no man in the history of the world has ever dated a woman who has big thighs?

    I'm being sarcastic. Perhaps you've never looked around this tiny planet of ours but EVERYONE is dating EVERYONE! All shapes, colors and sizes.

    So picking out something as specific as thigh size is silly.

    But if you want to get at the MEAT of the matter, let's talk about ATTRACTION. What makes men attracted to certain types of women? Personality.

    The way a woman looks will catch our eyes, but WHO she is will catch our hearts.

    So, if I were woman worried about catching a man, I'd pay less attention to my thighs, and more attention to developing myself into a whole, happy, healthy, funny, sexy, confident flirt. :)

    Influence how a man FEELS when he's around you and he'll always want to be around you. Even if your thighs are huge, tiny, wide, or narrow. ;)

    ~ Robby

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  • Yes. I have in the past and would so again if I was attracted to a girl like this

  • I don't see a problem with it. If having a little belly fat means she can enjoy herself and be happy then it's fine with me.

  • A little bit overweight? Sure, no problem about that.

    More than "a little bit" overweight? Probably no, depending how bad is it.

  • Yes as long as its within a healthy range. All these girls want the skinny toned model body, but truth is even with a little bit of belly fat or bigger thighs you can still be just as attractive.

  • A little bit. Not too much though.

  • no.

    go to the gym and then come back.

    • And then guys wonder why girls are insecure.

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    • No girl will strive for your monkey face, they will hit the gym and then go for someone else who is not you!

    • @qa no, chicks are anorexic because they're stupid. being healthy with a normal human body does not equal starving to death.

  • Actually I prefer thighs a little big if the waist is small. Belly fat, I'm not sure, I guess I'd have to see how bad it is, but if it really is just "a little", then no problem for me.


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  • Uh, no they wouldn't

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