Girls Would You Mind If A Guy You Once Loved/Dated or Had A Thing For Dated One Of Your Female Friends?

I'm Just Curious of This Causes I Seem To Be Seeing This go On Around Me A lot Lately? Do You Apply To The Girl Code? Or Do You Not Mind?


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  • If I loved the guy and see my friend going out with him without telling me, it would bother me.

    I think a friend should ask me first how I feel about them dating considering that friend would know how I felt about that person. I think that a friend who first doesn't consider how you feel or doesn't have a talk about if I'm okay with the whole thing before dating the one you loved isn't a true friend.

    It depends on the friend though. If it was just an acquaintance, I wouldn't care so much but will keep my distance. If it is someone I consider a good friend though, I think they should at least ask how I feel about the whole thing.


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  • I am not sure about this but I think it will be awkward if one of my friends date my ex. I mean, I don't think its bad because its their life and they are the ones who need to decide and not me but its kinda awkward. I think its okay but I'll never be the same to them anymore, I think the closeness will be gone but the friendship will always be there, I just don't think I will be able to handle any situation with them especially seeing them so close and happy together.

  • honestly it is wrong, she is your exs mate and it is a line that shouldn't be crossed, find new people outside the group if she still has feelings even in the slightest it would kill her, that is my opinion I think you should date from a new circle keep exs friends as friends only -x-


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