Should I text him? I don't know what to do.

me and this kid who I went to high school with have been texting recently. he graduated a year ahead of me. We never really talked in high school though. One day back in may though he messaged me and we have been talking ever since. Over then summer it was on and off though. We'd just randomly text. We'd plan to hang out but it just never really happened. But, recently in the past few weeks we've been texting a lot. Last Wednesday he texted me first. And then he texted me Thursday because he fell asleep while we were texting. , Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I texted him first. Saturday because it was his birthday, Sunday because I asked him how the party went. Then Monday because Sunday night when I told him goodnight he told me to text him tomorrow. And then Tuesday because I reminded him to get his computer so we could Skype. He asked me to remind him. We didn't end up skyping because his internet was broken still. But, I know he is somewhat interested because he always talks about how he can't wait to see me. How I look really good and stuff., Then on his birthday I was the only one who he retweeted saying happy birthday to him. And a ton of different people did. And he tweeted the other day This single thing is getting kind of old. But, I haven't talked to him since Tuesday. He just randomly didn't reply to my text after he told me we should face time and I told him I didn't really know hoe to use it. And then he didn't text me at all yesterday, but he'd been on twitter,.. I don't know what to do. Should I text him or wait for him to text me? I don't wanna be that like overly thirsty girl always texting... And it hasn't been like that, but I don't want to be like to become like too over bearing. But.. I wanna talk to him.. Should I just wait or what? why do you think he hasn't texted me or didn't text back? Sometimes he does that, he'll just not reply.. But, we have good conversation. Like we'll send long texts back and fourth..


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  • He might just be an internet troll, likes to chat with the whole world. I mean, if he falls asleep while texting you..he sounds like an addict, but not so interested in you, personally.


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