Guy said he hates texting but he texts me still?

The guy I like has texted me everyday for about 2 months, we had talked for a while over Facebook, but he gave me his number when I said my Internet wasn't working well and I like texting better anyway.

He almost always texts me first but sometimes I do so he knows I like talking to him. The other night though, we were in a conversation (in person) with some people talking about texting. And he said he absolutely hates texting. So the next day when he texted me we talked for a while then I texted "Wait! I thought you hated texting! :P" And he replied with "Mmm. I have my moods hah." And then he said "And it depends who's texting." Though he's the one who texts me first...

He's a close friend but if you hated texting, would you text your friends like this?


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  • Yeah I would keep texting, maybe he has feelings for you!

  • He likes texting you meaning he likes you. I hate texting too, but if I text a girl all the time it means that I'm interested.

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