Does she want a relationship? :(

I am very confused. I am a senior in high-school and have never had a girlfriend or been on a date, I know, pretty sad. Anyway on to the problem. A completely gorgeous girl that goes to me high school messaged me over Facebook about two weeks ago. She is a freshman but she is 16 and I am 17, we both just had our birthdays so there isn't that much of an age difference. she messaged me asking if I was going to a party that weekend, I was planning on it so I offered her a ride. she accepted. the party never happened because of police but we hung out that night anyway. I had a great time and I started to liker her. the next day I went over to her house around noon and we hung out there while her parents weren't home, then I went home before her parents got there. after I left around five she started texting me and eventually said that she was surprised I hadn't tried anything such as making out. I had no idea she felt this way so I went back to her house at around six. on the way there I texted my friend with my concerns, some of which were her being a freshman, which was not that big of a deal but it was something that was kind of nagging at me. another was that I had no idea how to make out or even be intimate, he gave me some tips about that. but he was also concerned about the whole "freshman" thing. however the more I thought about it the less I cared and right before I reached her house I decided that I didn't care if she was a freshman, if I like her I liker her. when I got there we talked, hung out, and then we were in her back yard when I wrapped my arms around her waist, and clasped my hands behind her back and pulled her into a more than friendly hug. I started to kiss her neck and then her mom came outside so we stopped. then we went inside to hang out again I kept teasing her and touching her more and more and she seemed to like it, she was smiling and giggling. and then she picked up my phone and saw the texts exchanged between my friend and i. she was upset about the whole freshman/senior situation, even though at that point I didn't care at all and I told her that I didn't care and that it doesn't matter. she then went on to say she just wanted to be friends, this absolutely crushed me, I didn't sleep that night and I cried allot, can you blame me though? it was my first chance at a relationship and I had screwed it up. the next day I somewhat got over it so I was texting her later that night when she asked me if there were any girls I liked. I halfheartedly said that there was one in one of my classes that I thought was kind of cute. she then got all snappy with her texts, I asked why and she said that she is jealous and actually does like me, but still just wants to be friends. I told her that if we like each other we should turn it into something more. long story short this has happened the past three days in a row, once with another girl and two days ago and yesterday with one of her friends that I texted for a couple hours and th


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  • You're better off without this girl; she seems very immature and flighty, and since when are freshmen 16 unless she has some sort of disability?

    • her mom started her a year late

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    • Going through yur phone? That is fun for you?

    • no not that part, but I've been spending time with her recently, just as "friends" and when we're together we're constantly laughing and having a good time. and she gets flirty occasionally too, so I'm just really confused haha...

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  • Buy her flowers and a card - write in it how much she means to you and how happy it'd make you if she went out with you.

    Hope it helps :)

    • ive told her multiple times, I keep telling her about how much I like her and if she likes me then we should be together. I asked her to homecoming by writing her a poem and reading it to her. she said yes but she still just wants to go as friends :( she sometimes acts flirty but she says she just wants to be friends, and we have so much fun together. I just want to be with here ha ha I guess I'm desperate...

    • She seems to be playing with your feelings ignore her for a few days play her like she does with you - give her a taste of her own medicine. It may work if she sees your not interested anymore she may realize what she has let go

  • first of all,why was she digging through your phone,thats invasion of privacy and she hasn't earned the right to go looking through your things,she sounds very inmature,i would let her grow up some before taking her serious

    • she asked if she could see it, I thought she just wanted to play with it or fiddle with it...

    • this kind of shows me she will be some kind of controlling

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  • You can finish the question by updating the question, High-school girls specifically don't know what they want, and if they did they won't tell you ever. Stop texting her for awhile and see if she texts you, then be a little flirtatious and see if she throws it back at you.

    Also, Tell her that you think what she said about just being friends was Bull shi*, see if that sparks any talk from her.