His lack of communication makes me feel bad

I have this boyfriend who claims he isn't using me, but he never text or call me anymore, except for Sundays when he has time to see me for like 2 hours and then he wants sex. Really nice right? is this a joke? why not spend at least 8 hours with me on Sunday and text and call me when we don't see each other. I have text him to see if he text me but it hasn't happend that he is the first to text anymore. Not the latest weeks.

He has many signs of the boyfriend who just uses you for sex. I feel its like 60/40% chance he is using me. I have learned from my exnarcissistic husband that some people are people of the lie and can be sociopaths. With no remorse using other as they want. So they lie and do not feel bad about wrecking others lives.

I am not dumb or blind to his seemingly indifferent behavior. We all know that even a guy is busy it doesn't take a lot of effort to text or call the women you are suppose to care about, to show her you think about her.

So don't you think too that he is using me?

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So I didn't give him sex last time and he didn't get mad, but tried 2-3 times to get me to give it to him, he smiled and didn't get mad but started with his earlier jokes again saying "f**ck you" again and that he is going to kill me, one day he will. ( it was like playfully saying damn you for not having sex with him). but he didn't get mad, but asked if we should have sex next Sunday. How long is acceptable to stop having sex with him? because I feel horrible to be honest
And how to take a step back not wanting sex without it sounds like I suspect him of using me...because this has been a issue...but we all know everybody can sweet talk and that actions speaks louder than words..
If he runs for the woods like there has been a fire when not getting sex for a while he will fall short to his claims he is not using me...


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  • looks like 70/30 to me... seems like he's really asking you out only for sex... Even if he's busy, he should have replied you at a later time instead of totally ignoring it. Even friends reply messeages, he's your boyfriend.

    Probably good if you could talk to him nicely but directly about it? Like if there's any other thing both of you could do instead of just having sex every time you meet.

    • Hi all, thanks for replying :) I don't see any reply button on here only comment button... I was surprised yesterday as he called from his break at work and chose to come to me and even sleep over like before...and he cuddle with me long...so maybe I am too fast judging my own r/s...he had no problem he and me were on Facebook as a couple ( just to test him again )...I really don't know, I have been so insecure, but when he is with me he seems to care. Maybe I should just take it slow..

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    • You can also rent/buy some movies to watch at home with lots of cuddles on the sofa... ;)

    • Yes you are right :) he spent the night here again and we got to talk a little about things and he agreed it was no good he came so late to me on a Sunday...plus I said he could spend Saturday night til Sunday with me, he said he would try...I didn't like that answer...whatever it is that it so difficult in weekends, but he is very loving and cuddling when together...so I hope things improve he also said yes to spend time out weird when thinking about how he could only see me on Sundays...LOL

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  • It could be more complicated than that; maybe his life is just too stressful, you know. but I'd go with your estimate, 60/40 he doesn't really care about you.

    • Update..when yous tart having to negotiate having sex, it's time to break up!

    • Yes I will say 60/40...men are not that complicated if they are into a woman, its easy text and call...

      What woman wants to have sex the only two hours she see her boyfriend when he doesn't show he care about her in any other way? so taking a step back is the true testament to whether a guy is using you or not...not time for break up that's bs, if a man care he will respect my wish...hoping for more answers and advice..thanks!

    • Good luck...keep your eyes open!

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  • He's using you. He sees you once a week for sex! That's all he's giving to this relationship and it's very obvious. Don't waste your time negotiating anything or holding back sex. He wouldn't be acting like this if he were truly interested in more. I would just walk.

    • Yes it feels like that when he only wanted see me on Sundays, but suddenly it seems to have changed again, maybe he has been thinking...but still I don't like he never spend Friday or Saturday night with me till Sunday...like its very weird he can sleep over when he has school and work next day but do not sleep over in the weekends...like Saturday when having free next day..last thing I need is a player...if he say no to come over tonight I think I will withhold sex again tomorrow..

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