Guys please help... is this a game he's playing or what?

was dating this guy he asked me to marry him,then 2 weeks later says he loves me but isn't in love with me. that he loves me as a person, I have a heart of gold& doesn't want a relationship. this is all after he started his chemo treatment. well we are still friends he calls me almost everyday or sends a text.Monday we were talking bout his treatment he was crying about how scared he was,kept trying to kiss me,kept was hugging me real tight that he appreciates me being here for him. said he didn't wanna jump back into a relationship,i said we need to worry about getting him healthy,well I left he text me that he really miss's me I asked if he wanted me to come back,he said he didn't wanna put me on the spot he was a little drunk the next day I text hey can we chat, he says don't start the over analyze stuff. I called left a message that I would like his opinion on a situation. he sends a text you got along fine before you met me I'm not Dr. I didn't respond .yesterday he had chemo & text me happy b-day, I said thanks & good luck today..last night he text me making small talk asked if I solved my problem I didn't respond.then sends for what it's worth hope your birthday is good & drama free. asked what I was doing, told him at bar for drinks celebrating, sends maybe I'll stop for one.he comes there have a few drinks then I walked him out said thanks for coming he gave me a hug & said I was acting weird & kept saying I gotta leave. we never slept with each other so it's not about that. but why does he act like he want to be with me then goes the complete opposite is it a game


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  • Perhaps then chemo/cancer is overwhelming to him. Maybe just stick to the friends stuff for now, as you said worry about him getting well and nothing more

    To be honest he isn't treating you well. He might be ill, but you don't have to put up with that. Best wishes!


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