Where to go from here? Guys and girls!

A few weeks ago I started sitting next to this girl in lecture (3x a week) and we talked and hit it off, got her number, etc. This past Sunday we hung out on campus for a little: just talked and did homework together. Was fun, went fine, not much to say there.

Yesterday (Wednesday) we did a real casual dinner downtown (so it was fancier than studying but not really what I'd consider a "date" yet, even though we were there talking for like 2 hrs) . Was really nice not to be talking about anything school related and just hearing about her life (I definitely like her now considerably more than when I met her). We pretty much didn't stop talking once and I'd say the question asking was ~50/50. (At one point she was asking where else was good to eat. Don't know if that was a hint at another date or just her being new to my city (she just moved here)). At the end she said thanks for the night , we hugged, and that was that.

Since I've had her number, I've pretty much kept texting to the intent making plans (not a lot of small talk).

So my question is where do I go from here? I mean (if someone can confirm this), she's definitely into me, right? Fancier date this weekend (would do drinks or something but I'm 20, she's 21)? Should I up the chit-chat a little or stay off the phone for now? Should I text her today about yesterday (I'll see her tomorrow in class) or small talk (we have a test tomorrow, so probably just something short about that) or nothin? (And if you really feel like being a big help :D, when would you bring a new girl to hang out around some of your friends?)

Let me know if I need any clarification.

Thanks for the help!


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  • The fact that you guys hanged out outside of school is a big step. I think she does like you so yes ask her out make plan whatever you fee comfortable with keep in touch let her know that you are interested in her


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