I don't want to fall for him

i started dating my boyfriend and we've been dating for about a little more than 2 months what's a good way for me to not fall to hard for him ? I don't want to get hurt I still wanna show him I like him and care for him but not to the point where I would end up hurt if he breaks up with me


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  • Even though you're dating him, have a steady source of male admirers who give you attention.hang out with your friends and maintain those relationships.don't be that girl who drops her friends as soonas she gets in a relationship. Keep flirting, not saying cheat, but you can flirt

    • i already do that without the flirting only thing is the majority of time I hang out with my friends he's hanging out too because I only to see him on weekends because he is stationed in a different state its not a long distance because its only 30 minute drive but he can only get off base on weekends

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  • How are you holding the bat like that? Is this like a female Youk knock off stance?

    Anyways, the point of a relationship is to bond with another person, and if you bonded then it's gonna suck to break up. So the only way to prevent getting hurt is to not do anything with him.

    • its not a knock off! its just how I play.

      and don't do anything with him? be specific

    • It looks like the ball is gonna knock it out of your hands. I mean stop going out with him because you will fall for him.

  • Have you considered the possibility that in the future, he may be falling hard for you and you don't love him back because you held back, and now he's the one who's gonna end up hurt?.

    • i don't think that's going to happen he cares more about finishing his navy contract and he always puts himself first

  • The better question is, if you have the will and self-discipline to remain cold and disconnected while dating someone, why bother dating at all?


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  • Just mentally keep yourself in check and just be honest with your guy at the same time.

    I think a good time to fall hard for him would be after 1/2 a year or maybe a whole year.. Then it would hurt no matter how much you feel for him.

    • thats very good point thank you

    • Your welcome =-)

      I did that with this guy I like, but I decided I would hold myself back just in case he didn't like me back ( and it turns out he didn't feel the same way..) but it's all good! It didn't phase me in the least!

      But if you're in an actual relationship with this guy, you should feel free to feel the way you feel..

      Unless of course, you don't trust him.. Then I would ask you why are you in a relationship with someone you can't trust?

    • i trust him..sometimes hahahaha I know he won't cheat but I just worry about him being relocated to a different state because of his contract with the military

  • I think, you should let yourself fall. Think about it, at least if this relationship ever fails, you can say with no regrets that you gave your all, you made happy memories and that it's his loss. Besides, when he sees that you give your all, he might as well. But of course, only start this after your 6th month.

    Sorry, that was my opinion. As to how to ensure you don't fall too hard for him... That's a little out of your control. Maybe you can keep your self busy, talk to other guys who are TAKEN. Make sure their girlfriends know what's going on though. I mean. What if he likes you a lot already. What if he's falling for you? Every time you see him, still enjoy yourself and don't hold yourself completely back. Before you know it, you'd be celebrating your 1st year anniversary. Was that the correct term?

    • good point thank you ! and I have no idea I've never had a boyfriend before so I guess that it the right term hahaha

  • i don't think that's in your control


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