Could you date a Psychologist?

I notice that a lot of people want to become psychologist these days...sadly I doubt many would be able to follow through considering the amount of time it take to finish all that schooling...

Anyway I also notice that a large amount of people are very opinionated about psychologist? I heard someone say today that they could not be in a relationship of any kind with a psychologist due to the fact that they would always be trying to get inside there head?

So could you date a psychologist?

if not date...

could you befriend?

Whats your take on this particular field?
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  • Well, it depends. I'm very into psychology, and we might get on very well, but ultimately I am a staunch anti-psychiatrist and if they're very pro-psychiatry we'll get into a lot of bother with each other, because that is one of the few things I'm *very* hot about. But, I've known some wonderful psychologists, neuropsychologists, psychopharmacologists, etc., who are all incredibly anti-psychiatry, and I would *adore* to be with them.

    And, as for getting inside their head... If you're worried about your lover being inside your head you have far much more to worry about than your over getting inside your head. The whole point of having a lover is to have them in there, really.

    • I can agree with that. about the lover in your head thing. hmm...the only thing that irks me about psychiatry is that many psychiatrist rather prescribe un-needed medication where it may not be needed. I read that many psychiatrist tend to over prescribe due to the fact that they make more money rather then actually spending time counseling the patients.

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    • Cannabis, just a simple ammonia process I think, you could probably look it up. It's a herbal anti-psychotic (and anti-convulsant) with no known side-effects. Also, currently being tested in the treatment of epilepsy, with very favourable anecdotal evidence. Also, very interesting alternative to opiates in pain relief, ABT-594, 2000 times stronger than morphine with no observed side-effecs if separated from it's toxin, found in the skin of tropical frogs. Really amazing stuff, most of which----

    • with some savvy can be easily obtained. All peer-reviewed, scientific, but officially suppressed. It's not alternative medicine, it's medicine, and it's passed the clinical trials, and everything, and you can score it yourself, and it all has no side-effects. Alright, the opiates thing is a little difficult but, it's real easy to get a bag of grass or some hemp, and you can pick up Inositol at Wal-Mart.

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What Guys Said 5

  • My sister is a PhD clinical psych.

    I'd date a behavioral psych happily.

    If they were psychoanalytic I suspect I'd be unable to occasionally blurt out things mocking them and we'd split.

    • yeah...i'm really not into the whole psychotherapy concepts. Clincial's are my favorite

    • Some clinicals are psychotherapy oriented, some are behavioralists.

      Or we might say, some are modern priests, some are dog trainers.

      We might note that dog training seems more reliable then prayer.

  • I think maybe you mean "psychiatrist"? Can be a psychologist with a simple 4-year degree...and a person's job outlook is not superior with a 4-year psychology degree...a psychiatrist, however, is in great demand...they are a Medical Doctor as well as a psychologist...oh...btw...sure I would date a knows? I might even date a psychiatrist...but doubtful...they woulld not be impressed with me and I would be depressed with them...o.O

  • Yes!

    I love to play mind games. That would be the ultimate for me.

  • Probably not. I don't like the way many of them think. =)

    • lol to be honest me neither...describe what you mean? How do many of them think?

    • Every psychologist I have ever met has been so fake it was almost painful to be around them for any period of time. The ones I've met live behind a mask, were they portray themselves a certain way to try an provoke a response from everyone they meet. Everything is manipulation to them. They get so involved in trying to work you, and read you, that they forget they can be read as well. They focus makes them very transparent and the facade they are putting up to try an manipulate and analyze me

    • *That

      makes me want to just grab them, shake them, and say cut it out. =P It's very annoying... The only thing I like about psychologists is that I can manipulate them while they are trying to manipulate me. =P

  • yes. why not?


What Girls Said 2

  • I wouldn't want to if he didn't care about his patients. Not to say that it's not understandable for him to be tired or drained from his work but it's something like that you would have to love doing and not just doing it to do it. It really shows through when you love doing something instead of just being there going through the motions and not caring.

    I believe it would be difficult at times because they would have the answer to everything or think that they do more than likely and would think about everything logically/rationally. It might drive mi a little mad. lol. But if he was a good person and someone I could see miself with then I would.

    • I agree with you also. I converse a lot with people in this major and I do notice a lot of times they are not willing to admit where they are wrong or if they are wrong...and seem to always think they are right. however...everyone is different. so its good you keep an open mind.

  • Naw their weird people


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