He tells me it was just a kiss?

My boyfriend and I have been together for just over 9 months. A mutual friend met up with me today and told me that he had heard that my boyfriend had made out with a girlfriend of mine. I brought this up to my boyfriend and at first he denied it but then he admitted that one day after leaving her house she "ran out and gave me a quick peck after admitting she had feelings for me" .. We were dating at this time and he told me he never wanted me to find out because "it wasn't a big deal at all"... I don't know, I feel like it is kind of a big deal, mostly because he didn't even tell me! Our relationship has been very rocky lately anyways. So any advice? Thanks!


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  • he was at her house? why? just hanging out as friends or what?

    maybe she kissed him before he could react?

    he probably didn't tell you because he was scared you would get pissed off at him. it seems to me like when you tell women about things like this, they get pissed off either way... :/


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  • Oh honey. *hugggggg* tell him. Tell him you think it's a big deal. He might have been scared that you would get extremely mad at and so said he thought it wasn't a big deal. But first, get the truth out of him about why he was there. Colleagues? Mabe she invited him over. I also think you should talk to her about this. Be slow and gentle. Say you won't get mad. I understand if you're thinking about why you should be slow and gentle, but you would get more truth out of her this way. After she gives you her side of the story, put both stories together.

    Back to it, so why was he there? Does the whole story seem conducive? Is it believable? In the end, it comes down to who trusts the other more. If you can't make up your mind, give him another chance, and test him with a bestie of yours who you trust and he doesn't know, if he passes with flying colors, be happy and then, tell him about it. You wouldn't want him to find out about this on his own would you? And be sure to check his reaction to when you tell him. The rest is your decision.