College Grads, would you date someone that does not have a degree?

Do you find that you are more compatible with other college graduates? I've noticed guys that have degree's will readily date less educated girls, but women that have degree's prefer their men to have the same. Am I wrong?


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  • I would prefer that they have a degree...mainly because the men I do talk to seem to feel inferior to me just by me having intellectual conversations with them or proving them wrong...

    I mean I can only imagine by me having a degree and my partner or even guy friend not having one will make them feel even more inferior.

    Again, I prefer...that doesn't mean I wouldn't date someone who hasn't gotten a degree especially if they are in the process of obtaining one. If a guy has the motivation to want to be something and puts in the effort towards goals then I find nothing more attractive.

    As long as I can motivate him and he me...then I don't mind.

    I just hate hearing the whole "aww your going to be better off then me and then not want to be around me anymore..." nobody wants to date a punk. let alone be around one


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  • I'll have a degree pretty soon, and my boyfriend hasn't even been to school. Sometimes I feel like we live in two different worlds intellectually, but I'd never break up with him over it. I don't think any less of him for it... we're just different. He's very intelligent, just not educated.

  • I'd prefer him to have a degree, or a quality trade like opening his own business, or doing something with a technical skill.

    Men don't seem to care much about their partners education or where she stands in her life, probably because men seem to covet the position of being the provider, making more money, and having more skills than their woman. Inversely, women seem more geared towards that type of man, so if she has a degree or skilled trade, it's very likely she'll seek a partner of the same caliber or higher.


What Guys Said 2

  • dont care either way. if I like her, I like her.

  • i would date any girl as long as I loved her and she loved me too.


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