Do guys have text convos with other guys?

It seems girls text other girls a lot (like long gossipy or girlie conversations) and girls will text guys, but do guys ever have like really long text conversations with each other? What would they talk about?

lol I'm asking because it seems most guys I ask, like my brother only have long text chats with their gf


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  • I have text conversations with one of my friends who is a guy, but in all fairness I don't really have a lot of friends to begin with, our conversations are about pretty mundane stuff and they are few and far in between as we are both pretty busy. I have much more extended text conversations with my wife, if I'm having those sorts of conversations.


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  • No, never.

  • Honestly, I feel like guys have stronger bonds with their male friends than girls do with their female friends. So why wouldn't we?

    • not sure why this was down rated, for a papercut comment this was pretty legit.

    • as a girl, I'd kind of agree with the answer. I only have a few close friends, but I know a lot of girls who aren't as close as "bros"

  • I have text convos but its about sports, fantasy football, news, finance, sarcastic jokes, and probably just something else that's stupid. So not so much and the gossip but text conversations is a yes for me.

  • Yeah, but they're usually quite short. My text conversations with girls are usually longer.

  • My usual "text convos" with my buddies are:

    -Whazaaap? Let's go out!


    ..and then we go out!

    • lol yah that's what my brother says what happens..

    • This is what happens. Men talk to get to the point. Girls, well, you're the reason they invented unlimited text messages. True story.

  • Yes we do, lol

    We talk about man stuff like Football, Beer, Women, Food, Cars, Fighting


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