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I like this girl in my class. We are both Juniors and are on Varsity soccer so we have something in common. She doesn't talk in homeroom and usually just sits there but I know she has a lot of friends and talks outside of school. I know exactly how she is and I am kind of like her. The thing is the fact that she doesn't talk in homeroom kind of intimidates me and makes me nervous to talk to her, especially with other people around. It causes a lot of pressure. Any advice on what I could do to try and talk to her a lot more? We've had small convos when leaving soccer and stuff but that's pretty much it.


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  • Pretend like you need to write something down and ask her for a pen or pencil... If you don't think she'll have that, ask her for some paper.. LMFAOO, just make up random excuses to talk to her. Maybe if the teachers out one day, do the pencil/paper trick and then to keep the conversation going ask why she thinks the teacher isn't in and if she just gives you a one word answer or something that doesn't give you much to go on, say something funny like, "I bet _______ got attacked by a pack of chickens and is stuck in a hospital to nurse _________ wounds..." Lmfaooo, this actually happened to my English teacher freshman year.. She stopped at a farm to let her young daughter feed the chickens before school and they got attacked by a rooster xDDDD No one was seriously hurt or anything like that... But it was still pretty funny...

    • I laughed at the chicken story,

    • LMFAOOO, EXACTLY! I hated the teacher though... so when she was telling the class the story, I was like, "I wish that f***ing **** DEVOURED YOU -______-" xDDDDD

    • By the way... The word that's been censored out was C O C K xDDDD

  • Just be like hey how's the soccer going and the fact that she doesn't talk much in home room means nothin

    • Yeah, it might just mean that she doesn't know anyone in homeroom or just isn't close enough to anyone yet.. I was quiet in my homeroom class.

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