Girls, why does she do this?

She has a commitment issues. She just dates, but don't want to be a relationship. And we became really close friend, I can feel we're falling for each other but I'm not really sure if she feels the same way. She makes me feel special and we have this deep connection. We romantically flirt. And everyone thinks we're together. I thought that I had overcome her past flings, I was expecting she would respect my feelings because I'm almost like her best friend. And just when I thought of finally telling her that I have developed feelings for her, she started dating another guy while still talking to her past flings.

Was that all just a big joke to her everything we did, what she told me? With what happened should I still tell her that I had feelings for her? or not?


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  • You should give that girl a flick... yes, I know it is very painful but trust me, you are going to wind up pining away for her. I had a relationship that was similar to yours and they are only interested in flirting and I think she is the type of girl that would just flirt with you and get a deep connection with you in order to sustain her ego. Don't give her your feelings, it would feed her ego.


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