What's the difference between being in a relationship, and dating?

I guess dating seems to be a thing of the past these days. no one really "dates" anymore which is basically going out and doing things, no strings attached (sex or not) while supposedly you now have to be in a relationship BEFORE you can "date" or whatever. I'm not really sure what the difference is anymore. So what is it?


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  • I think it depends how the relationship is formed. Like some people are friends before they get serious so it would be pointless to date. Whereas others might meet someone and automatically both of them are clear that they both have more then friend feelings and so they date to get to know each other and eventually decide that it is a relationship.

    To me the difference is exclusivity, expectations and the manner in which you hang out. like if you are dating you don't just decide to rock up spontaneously and hangout after work...


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  • Well I thought dating was suppose to lead to a relationship?

    Not vise versa - seems kinda weird to say " yea this is my man but we ain't even hung out yet..."


    Plus, you can date multiple people at a time, but obviously you can't be in multiple relationships at the same time :P ( unless that's what you and your partners are into?)

    I much prefer dating first than just making things official right away or not being sure


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  • Dating is just a ritual and doesn't mean there is any real feeling between two oeople. A relationship ant least implies that there IS a real connection between people. Without that mutual commitment there can't be any real relationship. But dating can go on a long time without any such emotional attachment developing.

  • Dating isn't a thing of the past.

    It's how you get to know people, and decide if you want a relationship with them or not.

    Going out and doing things (with no expectations) is exactly what dating is.


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