Is this girl stuck on her ex?

I recently noticed this girl on my Facebook and started talking to her. The first day we had a nice convo and I asked if she liked texting and she said yes then I gave her my number. I waited a week and no text. I messaged her and we started talking and she said I was cute and I said maybe she should text me. But I figured I should text her first so she gave me her number and I texted her for a couple hours she said I was cute again then she stopped replying. She stopped on a high note so I just waited til the next day to try again. The next day she didn't reply. I waited 2 days and sent her a sweet message complimenting her smile and she just said awh(: later that night she wanted someone to text her so I did and we talked for a few min when I asked if she still thought I was cute Because I thought she was and she didn't reply. The whole time I had been texting her I would noticed Facebook statuses that she was always irritated or upset about something. I'm pretty sure her boyfriend broke up with her a week or so ago but not positive. Is she just afraid to talk to any guys right now because she's not over her ex. This might be a dumb question but I'm just curious. And her Facebook relationship status says in a relationship but she's not. She told me she wasn't.


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  • It's just a week ago, give her some time to get over it. I think you're making a move way too soon. Tell her you're there for her if she wants to talk and if she's up for it you could meet up. Don't say it's a date, don't label it, just ask to hang out :)


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  • Mmm well I don't think she's interested in you right now, just give her some time. she's probably not over her ex as its recent. Regardless of the reason they broke up, it takes at least a good year for them to be gone from the mind. but she can probably sense that you're interested in her.

  • Well she must be still in like with her ex. Just be there for her. She probably needs someone around. Suggest a coffee or something and ask her if she would like to do something that would cheer her up as you noticed that she has been grumpy lately (from Facebook). No harm, we do this for friends all the time :)

    • Should I ask her if something has been bothering her. I don't want to seem like I've been stalking her Facebook. And how can I do it without sounding desperate? Thanks

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    • Thanks for the info. I think that I'm just gonna say "hey. I've noticed from your Facebook statuses recently that something bothering you. Just so you know I am here for you if you need someone to talk to." Sound good?

    • I wouldn't mention that you saw it on fb. You saying that you know something is bothering her pretty much tells her you saw it on fb. Just like what is said, the guy I like never told me he saw that I'm sick on fb. He just said "hey sick one". So write:

      Hey (name), if something is bothering you and you ever need a hug or some cheering up, I'm here for you. We can go to the beach, or whatever tickles your fancy :)

      Of course, change it of you want. Let me know what you think :)

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