The guy I've been dating is going through something that is putting distance between us?

us. He does text once in awhile,but. He won't talk about what is bothering him,just that it will work itself out.

Question is-how much time and space should I give him? It's been four days since I've heard from him. I want to text him and say hi,but not sure if I should?


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  • well how long have you two been dating? If you are saying I love you to each other, then it's something that needs to be handled with care. do give him space if that's what he says he needs, but also gently let him know that you are there for him.

    however if it goes on for longer than say, 2 weeks, then I would bring it up to him that you are very worried and confused. let him know you need clarification, and can't be left in the dark about his feelings for so long.

    so if you haven't communicated in 4 days remember that he needs to be sensitive to your feelings as well, since you are being caring of his while waiting.


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