Guy cancelled date last minute?

And I know he was into me, but things started changing when I wanted to get closer to him. Guess I'm too demanding.

The thing is that I did care about him and we had lots of fun at a club we always go to. He stuck around after one time and he kept coming back until now, a few months later. We only kissed, nothing else. I tried asking him if he wanted to meet some time and he said yes, well this is what happened.

I guess I just won't let guys keep coming back, I'll just keep switching guys until one wants to date me.

What's your advice?

What do you think of what this guy did?

I could use a motivational speech right now.
He said he couldn't come because he drank too much yesterday and he had to get up early tomorrow - but I asked him a week ago, he knew what was coming.

He kept coming back - he stuck around me at a club we go to and he danced with me, gave me his attention.. we had fun. It's gone mmm
I deleted his number and his texts :)

He's not getting my attention again.


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  • First I am sorry he did that. R you sure he did it because he didn't want to see you?

    Not exactly sure what you mean by keep coming back. But I would say you are free to meet and have fun with anyone until someone makes a commitment to you that you want.

    Don't give up on guys, we aren't all bad! Just most of us... Oh wait you said motivational... I better stop now. :-p


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  • You got friend zoned. Welcome to the life of a single, dating guy. You should definitely find another. Some guy will actually respond to your advances. Don't let them beat it around the bush for months on end. That's barking up the wrong tree. Find someone with a little drive and conviction and lay down the law. Either date me or dance with someone else. There's nothing wrong with walking a harder line.

    • I don't really see him as a friend, because we didn't get along well enough. So friendzoning wouldn't be the right word I guess. I think he just had a good time but didn't want anything to do with me otherwise and I didn't realize until now.

      I will follow your advice though, I should have layed down the law earlier.

  • what do you mean when you said you wanted to get closer to him? closer emotionally for physically or what? maybe you moved to fast. maybe you should talk to him about it.

    • Emotionally. I just tried to understand him and he seemed to like me so I stuck around him and gave him my attention (though not all the time).

      I thought I could just give it a chance but maybe it would be boring after a while, because we didn't have much in common.

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  • okay ladies here is a prime example that even though guys say it doesn't work, PLAYING HARD TO GET GETS THE GUY. seriously girl, you should have waited until HE asked YOU to hang out. so as of now sweetheart do NOT text him or call him or anything. once he notices your absence he will hopefully come to you. when he does start teting you do not reply right away, EVER. you know what, don't even read the text right away. trust me on this, you need to let him sweat it out. and whenever you reply keep the answers short, shorter than him. and make sure you're the one ending the conversations and he's the one starting them. it also doesn't hurt if you 'forget' to text him back every once in a while. don't pick up when he calls you, wait for like a half hour and call him back.

    also super imprtant ---> PRETEND LIKE YOU DON'T GIVE A RATS ASS THAT HE CANCELLED ON YOU. <--- cannot stress this enough my love, men can smell desperate from a mile away. (it's actually a little bit weird)

    don't throw yourself at him, make yourself less available, AND START ENJOYING LIFE. he will start chasing your fine ass around like a puppy.

    • He would never have asked me out, because he's chicken and he just enjoyed the time together that we had, he wants absolutely no strings. I know I shouldn't play games with this guy because he's not worth the game.

      I'm not desperate, there are enough other guys to date. It's just that this one stayed around and I expected him to date me or leave me. And he left me, after sticking around for 2,5 months.

      So I won't give the next guy as much time or attention.

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    • Yes well I shouldn't have given him all of my attention, I know now. I liked him because we really had fun first, but things did get boring. Of course I care, but I'm just saying that now I'm not going to be involved with him, the drama is gone and I can do whatever I want. He was the one that was clingy at first and I wanted to give him a chance. He just wanted my whole attention without giving anything in return, with commitment from my side but freedom on his.. and I don't appreciate it.

    • :) well being completely honest, from the sounds of it the guy sin't worth any of your attention, you'll eventually find someone who will give you everything you need. just be patient :)

  • so to clarify, he said yes when you asked if he wanted to meet, but then cancelled on you?

    if that's the case, it might just be that he doesn't want to get any closer when you made advances to do so. if you haven't asked him why he cancelled already, I would do that. maybe ask in a way that doesn't sound serious or anything, and see what his reasoning was.

    I personally think it's rude when someone cancels without a reason or at least a good amount of time before.

    but don't get too down about this, because if he didn't want to get closer, then maybe it just means he's not ready for a relationship yet. I think you should keep an open mind with other guys especially since you go clubbing. you can always meet new ones there!

    • He cancelled on me because he had to get up early the next morning and he drank too much yesterday. It is quite rude, don't think I really want to talk to him tomorrow because I really think he's going to ignore me.

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    • Yes, I'm okay. I'm just really mad at him now, guess I should be glad I didn't go on a date and give him my attention.

      Thanks :)

    • well that's great, and I see you deleted his number! now you can turn your attention to someone else who actually wants it!

      you go girl

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