What is wrong with these guys?

I'm gonna try to explain this as short as possible..

this year I'm in my senior year, and I noticed there's a group of guys in my class who bully me, and I'm trying not to give a crap but its kind of eating me up. About 5 guys, 17-18 years old, and they just do everything to irritate me.

For example, one guy says to everyone he f***ed me, another tells the whole school I had sex with my best friend (? it's almost hilarious), they constantly tell me what a freak I am. every time I ask a question they sigh loudly or make another dumb comment. They rip pages out of my notebook. I try to sit as far away from them as possible, but even sitting all across the class of them they just don't stop f***ing my day. -__-

2 of the 'bullies' wanted to date me but I rejected them, as they know I usually don't date and if I do it's guys who are in college orso.

And I know I've gotta stay strong and I still have lots of good friends in and out of school. I do not show them it has effect on me and ignore/ laugh at them. But really, what should I do about these idiots?


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  • To be blunt, they are harassing you. So you have to decide do you take it or report it. I am not you and I would solve it a diff way, but I would not take it.

    • Hmm I won't be going to the police with this simply because I don't want my parents to worry about me at all. They say those things in a silly, for them joking way. And when they are face-to-face to me at a party or somewhere outside the school, it's like they confess their affection or almost love and care to me. Is it their high level of hormones orso? :/

    • I was thinking to yournschool, not police. Anyway, I am sure partof it is hurt and stupidity and hormones. But it is harrassment. See if it was me, I would kick their ass and be done with it... But I am 6'7" and built to kick ass. :-)

    • Seriously talk to a school authority figure about this. Your parents will be more worried that you can't take action to resolve your problems. If you parents ask, tell them you have reported it and that you have it handled. Sounds like all you're doing right now is hoping they will stop and that's just naive. Report this in a mature manner. The bullies will keep doing more and more and guys become physical way too quickly.

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  • seduce one of them in front of his friends and then reject him and as they all laugh at him, you will have graduated to becoming one of the guys.

  • take legal action. sue them. they are harassing you.

  • Take it up with school administration. They'll get this handled easy enough.


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