This is for the players out there. How long should it take?

So I've been taking women out just to get laid. I'm having trouble timing how long it takes to get laid. How many dates should it take to get her in my bed? I read somewhere that it usually takes around 4 dates to get it in.


I don't want anybody to give me any B.S. about how what I'm doing is morally wrong, I don't really care, I was a good guy looking for a relationship and that stuff takes forever to find the right woman. I'm a man with needs and I need to have sex on a regular basis.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • You like the chase? Well keep it up then. If you like it, then why complain? You have to find the right girl for casual sex. Maybe you're just with the wrong girl right now.. I think 3-4 dates should be enough for her to get why you're taking her out. If you're not getting anything, then move on, she's not the right girl for this. Just be warned: You aren't going to get yourself a good "gem" if you chase after the dirt. Quality isn't sleazy.

    • What I meant by "the chase" is not that I like toying with women, it's that I would much rather have sex with a woman I worked for, than one who I just paid for. Looking for quality also leaves you with dry balls. I've been looking for quality women for a long time, and believe me, quality is EXTREMELY hard to find. Ask any dude on GaG here, they all look for gems, and they haven't been laid in years.

    • Well work your balls away. :) Find someone gullible, trusting, or eager to please. Then proceed with the chase. After all, everybody needs a wake-up call. Why not be the one who administers it?

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What Girls Said 8

  • If you want sex, have it. There's nothing wrong with that. By what IS wrong is if you lead a woman on, on dates, without laying out that all you want is a mutual relationship that just involves sex. You can't play with girls feelings. You guys have to be on the same terms regarding what you both want.

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    • Ok, but you've clearly stated that you've been taking women out for sole reason of getting "laid". Hence, your question title..player status. If you want to f*** a girl, do it! I'm not saying you shouldn't but you need to go about it the RIGHT way. And that way is meeting someone on the same page as you. You say you wish a woman were more respectful in terms of holding out into a relationship, but clearly dude, you're not even filling your own advice. You're setting yourself up for failure

    • I was giving that advice to women, not men. If women were more prude as a whole, there would be a lot less players out there because they know that to gain the affections of a woman, they would have to man up and pursue a relationship instead. There is no right way to just getting laid. Just getting laid in itself is problematic.

  • clearly you have no game if you haven't bedded her yet. A man with excellent game and charm will bed a woman within 2 to 3 hours, in your position you're not going far with her, she will read right through you and leave.

    What you could do? Tell her you're in it just for the sex, if she wants, it she'll gladly give it to you. Hey...Im just being real here.

    Good luck.

    • It's not about game. I don't meet women in bars and clubs, those girls are smuts and would give it up a lot easier, and that would be 2-3 hours like you said. I'm getting laid, just having trouble timing how long it should take.

    • There is no time when you want to get someone in bed dude.

  • You have to let her know what you're doing. And if you can't do that because you know she won't put up with it, then you deserve being called a jerk, idiot, and everyone should disregard your p.s.

  • Is this a joke? Lol. I think you need to grow up before dealing with any women. Your friends laughing at you made you become a dog? You can't be serious. By the way, there aren't players on GAG.

    • I'm a grown up, thank you. I'm actually more mature than most men my age. My friends laughing at me didn't change me, they just made me realize how they were actually getting more action than me with this process than I was, actually caring about women, and being picky because I wasn't only looking for appearances, I was looking for the whole package. When you look for the whole package like me, you can't even find any women, and you find yourself single for a long time.

  • Idiot.

  • go find a slut, someone sleazy, rather like yourself. then you'll get it.

    • I'm not sleazy, I was just tired of being that good guy that my friends laughed at because I was the only one genuinely interested in a relationship. I'm tired of not being able to find someone compatible and waiting to find that one gem and eventually have sex. However, if I were to meet that special someone today, I would drop the charade and revert back to my old behavior.

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    • If that was the case, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. Like I said before, what women say they want and what they really go for are two different things. All the girls here say they want the nice, nerdy guys. All the guys here say they want the nerdy girls with A cup boobs. But if you go out into the real world and see what actually happens, you find that the world is narrated in complete opposites.

    • most do apart from sluts. nah I say what I want. I know what I want. not nerdy, no that's not attractive. I'm very much part of the 'real world' thank you and I see what happens. sleazy guys that sleep around, quite frankly, get nowhere. or they get to sleep with a dog, simples.

  • Well seduce her or just outright tell her I want to have sex with you. I don't think you can go wrong by doing this.

    • Being up front isn't a good idea I think. I'm good at telling women what they want to hear though, so I'll go with that.

  • I don't think you have to take a woman on a date to get laid. We live in a time where women are much more sexually free or what some may refer to as "slutty". Call it what you want. If you just want sex, then lose the date thing altogether. You don't want to get to know this chick. You just want sex. There are women who will go for that if you're upfront.

    • You mean I should just flat out tell women what I want? I don't think that's a good idea. You're right about the dates thing, I don't do it because I want to take her out, I do it to make her feel comfortable with me. Where do you think I should hang out with women then, if I can't take them out? It's still gonna cost me money.

What Guys Said 3

  • It is morally wrong if you're lying to them and using them. And you are an a**hole if so. Now if you're honest and still f***ing a lot of girls, well whatever. My friend does that. Honest about his intentions, still gets a lot of ass.

    • Well then most guys are a**holes then.

    • Except most guys don't do that. That's just a stereotype that's actually not true. Majority of guys? No. Do a lot of guys? Sure. But a lot != majority.

  • One date to get them into bed. Sheesh. If it takes you 4, you're not a player.

  • Doesn't it depend on how easy she is? Just keep making a move on her so she knows you want to bang her.

    But I hate it when good girls actually looking for real relationship get played. They turn resentful towards guys, don't trust them in relationships anymore so they start to slut around.

    • Yeah but I'm kind of thinking 'on average'

      I hate women that slut around in general, but as long as they keep giving it up, men will continue to objectify them.

    • Well if you're looking to play someone, go with the ones that like to slut around.

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