What boundaries should be set?

I have been dating someone for one and a half months and my boyfriend wanted to take things to the next level physically, which makes me wonder: How far is it okay to go at this stage? Does it depend on what we feel comfortable with or is there some kind of no no, like "no kissing until the second month"? (We've kissed so this is only an example.)

He already knows my views on sex, which are pretty traditional, so we're definitely not going there anytime soon.

For example, we already had three (completely innocent) sleepovers and my sister has been telling me that we're going too fast but she's 15, so I just wanted to ask a few people who maybe had some personal experience. Are we going too fast? And if we are, is that necessarily a bad thing? Would he think I'm easy or not take our relationship seriously or would that just be our way of dating?

Another example, we met each others' parents within the first week of dating pretty much and apparently that's a bad thing too.

I just basically want to know how far it is okay to go with the flow and what is too far typically in a relationship at this stage.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Kiss on first date, sex by the 5th


    • Thanks. In terms of a relationship, how long until it's okay to go 1st, 2nd, 3rd or sex?

    • I couldn't give you a specific date really. If I was you, I would hold off until at least the 5th date for anything to show him that you're not easy, and he'll appreciate having to work for it

What Girls Said 1

  • I don't even believe in society's set time limits to engage in sexual acts----As longs it's not really early in the relationship. I've come to learn that you shouldn't do anything until you're ready to do it. It sounds to me like you aren't ready. If you guys had 3 sleepovers that were completely innocent, you're definitely not going too fast. Honestly after a month and a half, you're doing better than most girls out here! But just be confident with the decisions you make and at the pace you make them. As long as you don't let him pressure you into do anything and you're ready, at this stage, he should respect you


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