What are the signs that the guy you're dating is serious about you?

And sees you as long term material? Just wondering.


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  • I had a problem of guys not wanting to be serious with me. The biggest detail that made me realize my current boyfriend was really serious about me was that he was very honest with who he was at the very beginning. He wasn't trying to make himself seem nicer than who he really was, meaning he had this what you see is what you get approach. I was honest about who I was and he came back for more. He would make an effort to contact me daily, none of that waiting two or three days bullsh*t. He had a job and a life before me but he had the time to talk to me for a few hours of his day to try to talk to me. This quickly turned into long sessions of seeing each other and after we realized our humor was the same and our interests matched up then we decided to make it official. I think the sooner you get to show each other who you really are the better chances you have of turning into something serious.


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  • i honestly think that shy guys are more likely to desire a long term relationship. I personally prefer long term relationships, so ill tell you what I would do, I would:

    1) love to listen to you talk about your life and your past

    2) gaze/stare at you like a idiot when you talk

    3) being honest with themselves when they talk about their life

    4) talk about specific topics which are related to being married/kids/family members

  • If he has wallpaper made out of your skin


What Girls Said 1

  • 1) He treats you with respect and utmost courtesy.

    2) He never intentionally makes you feels bad about yourself.

    3) He talks about family/ kids/ marriage specifically.

    4) he likes to hear you and listen to you talk about yourself, your dreams and goals.

    5) he is and open book.


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