Need help desperately with dating life!

had a few questions to ask so I might as well ask them all together at once xD

1) if a guy and girl have only one common friend in their life (which is how they met) and they go out with each other for dinner and pool or bowling etc once or twice per week (for a month or so already, just a one on one kind of thing), does that constitute as dating or can it just be a hanging out between a guy and a girl. its sort of my first time doing something like this so I have no idea what is happening lol.

2) also, while I was casually talking with my crush while we were out together for dinner just the two of us. She was telling me her secret of how she was a lesbian in the past and stuff, I said cool, she then said "Don't worry, I'm not a lesbian anymore", I was thinking it seemed very weird that she replied that way, why would I be worried, what did that reply mean in your opinion guys and girls?

3) if a girl is planning to cook for me next week, do you think it would be wise for the relationship if I were to help her with the shopping and also the cooking for that night's dinner cooking?

4) Should we do something after the cooking plans for next week? maybe watching a downloaded movie or going out for a walk?

5) how do you know if a girl is interested in a long term relationship?

responses will be upvoted and commented 100% thanks ^_^

shes still a lesbian



i have no idea!


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. It's not dating unless you established that it's more than just meeting up together.

    2. Some guys don't hang out with lesbians cause they have no chance. She's making herself appear available, but it's not a certainty that she is expecting you to hit on her.

    3. Cooking is always more fun together but if she wants to do it herself let her.

    4. Both good ideas but why don't you ask her, her body language should indicate her level of interest and what she'd want to do.

    5. LTR usually results from becoming friends first by talking a lot, lots of catching the other person staring at you, and the occasional flirting while joking.


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