Guys what do you guys like on a first date?

So guys I just recently started dating again and I want to know what do you guys expect a girl to dress like on a first date to like apple bees? Or movies or what? & do you guys expect us to offer to pay? Or do we, pay half or what? & do you guys expect us to pick the place?


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  • What is apple bees? Sorry new one to me.

    First date: I want her to be her. That's why I asked her out in the first place. It is like some big event and you take your girlfriend. Normally her hair is nice, etc". But because this is a special event she puts her hair up and puts sticks and flowers and stuff in it and it looks like a bird's nest. And the you think "why can't she just look like normal? Normal for her is lovely?".

    Same thing here he asked you out because he likes you, not your bird's nest.

    As far as paying, if it is a date, he pays. If you're not sure what is, then offer to pay your half.


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