What if she texts the following things?

How should you handle the following scenarios when texting a girl:

1. She just says 'HAHAHAHAHA :)'

2. Just sends 'lol'

3. Randomly stops texting during a good conversation

4. Tells you when she has her phone back via text

5. Just sends a ':)'

6. Texts you back, even when she isn't really a texting person or is busy

I am just curious cause this happens to me a lot, every time I get just 'hahaha :)' or 'lol' I am always afraid that I am annoying the girl. Anything else that I should know about how to tell if a girl wants to continue texting?


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  • From my female perspective...

    1. Your funny, so you should keep the convo going because I don't know what to say

    2. it's really awkward sending an lol by itself but I do it because I have no clue what to say to you. It could also be a 'im gona say "lol" alone so we can end this convo' situation, but if that was the case, she wouldn't have texted you back.

    3. She's busy or it really wasn't a good convo...maybe just to you

    4. If you guys were on the phone, call her back. If not, start up a convo

    5. You're nice or I like you

    6. She could like you but you never know with this scenario... I wouldn't take it to seriously


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