How come woman have more dating partners than guys?

I know a lot of guys that I know who are single and know A lot of girls who have been in a relationship or are in a relationship and dating. How come so many guys are single if there are more woman than men. Why are woman more able to date than guys and woman have so much sexual power over men?

And please woman don't be politically correct.


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  • I said it before - if your trying to make a balloon in a bucket, do you have a better chance with 2 balloons or 2000?

    Women seem to be more regularly sought after, at greater frequencies and amounts than men usually. So there are more opportunities for dating. Plus, men aren't as likely to turn down a female of integrity as a men are more regularly turned down. Not sure what makes it work out this way but men are constantly going on and on about getting women and " p**** " so probably has something to do with heightened sexual enthusiasm in men?

    • I don't know what you mean by the balloons I'm new to this site. I guess all the guys have the same problem and questions.And that so many woman have it better than guys. So many of my guy friends have the same problem. This also brings a lot of stress to me a lot.

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    • You just don't know who you piss off over the internet do you? You see we live in a new cyber world where it ain't hard to put my foot up your ass.

    • I don't care if you know where to find me, you'd be an idiot to show up because I have no problem stabbing your ass. We have a law in my state called the ' make my day law," where I'm allowed to kill whomever steps on my property and threatens my life.

      So go ahead if your so big and bad - make my day...

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  • and I don't get why people say it's easier to be male

    • Tell me about it and woman say we need to get our act together. It's easier said than done with them. f***ing a**holes.

    • i also hate how people always use the argument "for every girl that has a boyfriend, that guy has a girlfriend" yeah but the guy had to do the work in order for it to happen, the girl just had to either accept or decline

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  • Well, first off there are more men in the world than women, there are 107 men for every 100 women. (Some countries have more women but over all it's about even) I don't know why it is that there are so many chicks in relationships when there are so many guys who aren't... Maybe because girls are scary? (I'm bi so I know that to be true from my experience). And maybe because girls lie about being in relationships because they are scared of people thinking of them as undesirable. It could also be because most girls think that it's a guys job to make the first move and therefore the girl will sit there crushing in him all the while waiting for him to make the move that he may be too nervous to make. I don't know I'm just guessing but you're guess is as good as mine. Hope that answered any questions.


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