First date outfit/hair/makeup?

I've dated a lot, but this is the first guy I'm going out with that I liked before we even started talking. I'm thinking a pair of skinny jeans (I practically live in them, lmao) a white top that shows a little cleavage, but nothing like bam (I have super long dark hair so I think it looks cute the clashing colors) and a pair of black heels (I'm 4'11")?

As for make up, I almost always wear black eyeliner (not nearly as much as some people I know though)?

Hair is the only thing I'm not sure of. It's about waist length and I'm not sure if I should wear it curly, straight, or wavy... Guy's opinions would be VERY appreciated! (:


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  • It's really up to the guys taste, but I say Straight, especially if its really long! Good luck !

    • I ended up doing it curly, haha, mostly because it would have taken FOREVER to do it straight, it's long and wavy and requires like 20 different products to keep from looking like I just rubbed up against static furniture :P

    • Oh I thought it was naturally straight! Yeah whatever is easier for you, Curly hair is also very attractive :) Have fun on your first date if it hasn't happened already!

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  • link That's a outfit I would really like. You should have your hair like hers.


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  • aw sounds cute, I'd go for wavy hair(:

  • Any pics of what you look like with curly, straight or wavy hair? What's your usual vibe like? Casual, dressy, elegant, sporty?

    Casual - straight

    Elegant - straight if your hair is super soft, sleek and shiny, soft waves if it's not.

    Dressy - curly

    Sporty - hair up or straight

    • I almost always wear my hair curly, it's super long, so if I do it straight then it just kind comes down to my butt and kinda makes me resemble Mortica Adams, unless I do it super straight and use all kinds of a products, which I'm sure you can imagine takes forever :P

      I ended up doing it curly, but thanks for the answer! (:

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