Was it mean of me to do this?

so this guy I've dated and that I also known for 3 years, he is so bad at texting me etc, so its been 2 ish weeks since he contacted me after we met last time, well last night I was out clubbing and he texted me hey what's up, and I told him I was out, and he was like what and you didn't tell me I'm bored at home, and I was like oh so you only text me when your bored, turn the TV on...

And he was like I text you anyways, but I take the hint, I know I don't text you so often but I've told you that you can come to me whenever you want to, so we planned to meet today, but today I blew him off and said lets meet Monday instead, but I'm gonna ask him if we can meet tomorrow, I'm tired and I got my period, so is it mean of me ? He was like no stress ;)


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  • From what you have written you sound like you're stringing him along a bit. But your question also sounds like it only tells a bit about your relationship. So I'm not sure if this guy deserved it or not.

  • Yeah, you're being a bit of a bitch.

    At least you could blame it on your period.

    Don't make a habit of treating him like this, or he will dump you.


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