Do guys really need reassurance?

I went on one date with this guy that I really liked. He told me he couldn't see me this weekend but texted me in the morning and said he had fun and wants to see me again next week for sure. To be honest, I'm not a huge texter and the fact that he mentioned that he wants to see me next week shows me that he's interested. I agreed to it but is he suppose to feel reassured from me? Should I go out of my way to text him today or tomorrow and ask how his weekend went? How his hockey game went today? I don't really want to because it was only one date (and I don't want to sound needy) but my fear is that he'll lose interest in me - Yes, even after he said he would see me, I'm sorry - I don't trust all guys.

What am I suppose to do so I can really know that he'll ask me out on that second date? Or just wait?


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  • Ok, this is really simple. He told you he wanted to see you again and you've made plans right? So, this is what happens:

    A: He meant what he said and you'll see him next week

    B: He didn't mean what he said, and he won't call you again

    Either way, you know if he is actually interested or not. I would wait to text if it's only been one date. Give him a few days to think about you and the opportunity to look forward to your next meeting. He can't do that if you're hounding his teli. Do you have a specific day set? If you do, and you really feel the need to send a text, a day or two before your planned meeting, simply send him a message saying, "Hey how was your week? Just wanted to confirm that we are still on for tomorrow night?" That way, he's had his space, you've had yours, he knows you're still interested and he'll respond accordingly (call you and confirm or not call you (and confirm no interest). Don't waste your time overanalyzing what is going on in a guys mind. More often than not if you are patient and pay attention, his words and actions will reveal his intentions. :)

    • Hi Rudy, we didn't plan a specific day. I wish we did because then I would definitely confirm in a text if we were still on. Its just awkward and hard at this time to read his mind and whether he really will text me for a second date, even though he said he would - again, I don't trust guys. Should I ask him how his weekend went this weekend? I just don't want him to lose interest in me. thanks.

    • Text him Monday or Tuesday, ask how his weekend was and say, are we still on for this week? If so, Wed or Thurs would work for me (or whatever the case may be) Let me know what you think" This puts three or four days in btwn your last communication and leaves the ball in his court.

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  • Right, you don't want to sound desperate, and I wouldn't text him or contact him unless you want to talk about what to do/where to go on the date. If he loses interest, well, he would have lost interest anyway! Be yourself! It's always a mistake to pretend to be interested when you really aren't...

  • Just wait.


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