When a Girl says to you "I've really fallen for you quite a bit"

My girlfriend and I where talking over text message, you know the "I like you more" one and eventually came to "dunno about that, can you prove it to me :P?"(actually message sent).

She sent back "Fine.. I know because I've really strong feelings for you, I've really fallen for you quite a bit"

For some reason it has played with my head over the past weeks, If I said something like that to my girlfriend I would be suggesting that I love her, but I would never say it over text, well them exact words "I love you" for the first time anyway, but I did tell her after that text I have very strong feelings for her and I've fallen for her too.

I know it mite seem like a very stupid question to some, but I'm asking what do you girls/guys think about it?

Did she basically say in layman's terms she loved me? Or what do you's think?

Anyone else can give me their 2 cents on this topic?


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  • she said exactly what you said to her over text ,u are both falling in love with each other,nothing wrong with writing it in text message its really kind of sweet,like writing love letters in the sand,but the actual I love you should be in oerson unless you guys are shy,congratulations on finding love,some people never do.


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