My height and dating

I'm not thaaat tall, about 5'6".

I went to a singles dating event the other day, with short heels on (maybe 2"), and I felt like I was towering over all the guys.

Where are all the tall guys at?

I'm still uncomfortable about this, but will shorter men date taller girls?

Where are some good places to meet quality (marriage material) guys?


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  • so mostly short guys at this event? Tall guys have a big advantage meeting women..since most women want taller guys.

    GEnrally you won't meet quality guys at such events, because they're taken! You'l meet them lorganically', spontaneously, when you wshare common interests or common friends!


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  • Outside your house.

    Yes short guys will (I think I qualify as I'm 5'4") date taller gals than themselves. Some are just skittish at approaching gals that are taller than them ( link You're probably uncomfortable about this because of societal norms / Hollywood saying the guy has to be taller than the girl.

    Again, outside your house.

  • shorter men I'd assume want taller girls! Shorter than short is really short...

    Hmm quality guys huh? Country Clubs... the beach, Yacht clubs, Fancy bars


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  • I see a lot of tall guys ay the mall or the gym lol bt marriage material I have no idea because nobody at my age wants to get married lol

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