Are girls that fickle around guys?

I've met girls who are initially interested in guys, but things could go sour and the girl thinks the guy is creepy even though he may or may not realize that he is being 'creepy'.

I'm just asking for peoples' opinions on the matter here.

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  • I voted C, but looking back, it probably should have been A.

    This could just be my age group, but I do have some fickle friends. Not just girls, either.

    One friend, in particular. She's a bit younger than me, 14, and she bounces around like crazy. She likes one guy, dates him. Breaks up with him, starts liking someone else. Begins liking someone else along with the previous crush. Begins to agonize over who to choose. Loses interest in the second guy. Picks up interest in a new guy. New guy shows interest back, and she loses interest. Also loses interest in the first guy by now. Meets new guy. Likes new guy. One week later, new guy is creepy. Now she claims to like my friend. Claims to have liked him ever since she was dating the original guy.

    Confused? Yeah.

    Also have a guy friend who is 17, a bit older. Also very fickle, though I can't tell you exactly what goes on in his mind because he doesn't share as openly as my other friend. But he does seem to have a lot of crushes, also falls in and out of love very easily. I know this because I was one of the girls he "fell in love" with. What makes this guy fickle in my eyes is that he claims he's in love with a new girl every 2 weeks. Finds a new love of his life when the previous one doesn't work out.

    Yeah. Maybe it's just my age group. But those are two of my best examples. The others are less severe, but just slightly. However, I also have some friends who don't seem to like anyone. So those who have crushes are usually pretty fickle. Does who usually don't would probably be more committed when they do find someone they like. Those are few and far in between, though.

    Personally, I do think I'm kind of fickle when it comes to crushes. Most of my crushes I would never pursue a serious relationship with though. So there are a lot of guys I like to giggle over (as in, "Ohh, he's REALLY cute"), but very few I am honestly interested in.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I believe it goes for some girls but also some guys too.

  • I'm sure it's a matter of who the person is.


What Guys Said 2

  • lol.. that's the art of dating I suppose... Some girls actually enjoy the chase. So if they chase you and you show them they've got you, that's game over for you budy.

    Whether she is after you or not don't change your behaviour just be cool about it... you DIGGG

  • Rephrasing the question to be more clear will bring you answers (in plain English: I don't understand what you're exactly hinting at )

    • Well, I mean are girls naturally confusing around guys? For example, how come girls show interest one second, and then get creeped out by him? Or how about when girls show you signs of interest and then just ignore you.

    • LOL Look at my age, I still don't know the answer to that and smarter men dan me died of old age before knowing it..