Online dating predicament....Did I creep him out?

I recently created an online dating account with no pictures and started talking to a guy I just instantly liked from the moment I read his profile.

He was really nice and I was so excited about him. He asked for some pictures and my links didn't work. Then I sent them again and he never acknowledged them so I felt like he couldn't see them again and felt awkward bringing it up again. He asked for my Facebook and I explained to him that I don't have one...and now he's not writing me anymore.

Do you think he's suspicious I'm a guy or psycho? How can I contact him w/o seeming desperate. I really liked him.


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  • find a way to send some pics even if you have to use a friends phone,yes it does sound creepy,how would you feel not knowing what the other person looks like and not having pics of them because of one excuse or another,u would be suspicious too...get him those pics,no more contacting him without the pics first


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