Have you ever had a date that you didn't think went well, but the other person thought it did?

Like you wanted it to go well, but you thought the other person was put off by you (i.e. the date ended earlier than you anticipated, or it didn't feel like things flowed naturally, no kiss, no mention of doing it again, etc.). But then the other person later contacted you wanting to see you again? And you were happy?


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  • yes but I felt neutral I can see why he thought it went well but I didn't. he liked me because in this case I was more attractive than he is ..not bragging I'm just saying I was better looking as a person than this particular guy. plus we were able to have a nice conversation. I just didn't feel any attraction and knew I couldn't.


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  • that's the purpose of dating, either give it another go and see...or try to understand why it didn't click as well or what went wrong.

  • Yup. Sometimes it's a matter of crossed signals, where you figure that you'll let the person down easy and they think the same... Usually if you don't think the night went well the other person's caught on as well.

    • Wait, but if you both figure you'd let each other down easy, then there's no difference in what you two thought of the date, right? I think I'm misunderstanding you.

    • No, you're not misunderstanding. The guy doesn't want to hurt the nice gal's feelings, but the fire's not there. The gal doesn't want to hurt the nice guy's feelings, but the fire's just not there. By date three they typically figure it out and part ways or become friends.

      In OTHER instances there are people who really don't hit it off -- one or the other picks a fight but still thinks the date went well. The offended person tends to ignore the offensive person in those clear-cut cases.

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