Would it be okay if I wore blue eyeshadow and mascara on our first date?

And would you rather I wear a skirt, dress, shorts? What kind of top would you rather I wear? Tank top with a vest? Floral print or a normal button up t shirt? And what kind of shoes? Wedges? Converse? High heels?

Oh yeah, and where would this first date be? So like what outfit would match it.


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  • My opinion is that simple can be very sexy as well.

    I'm especially into some black outfits, or black/white. For example a black dress or a black skirt (not too short) and a black and/or white blouse. But jeans and some casual top, button up t-shirt is also fine with me, and can be also very sexy. Do not show too much cleavage and take it easy with the makeup. Eyeshadow and mascara is okay, just don't overdo it, I still like to see the real girl and not some mask she put up.

    If you go for heels, pumps or sandals are nice if you go for a dress or skirt. Wedges are really not my thing, there's something about them. But if you're going to walk a lot during your date, then wear sneakers or something.


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  • You gotta go big on this date. Pull out your fanciest top, definitely high heels, fancy skirt, plenty of make up, and the all important leather handbag. He will be all over you.

    • What if it's casual? And by makeup... Do you mean a smokey eye?

    • I just bs'd that first answer. Honestly just go with your best outfit that you would wear to school and you'll be fine,

  • Put on very tiny mini skirt and white short-sleeved sport shirt on're the very sexy

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