Is he scared of his feelings?

So there is this guy. We dated for 4 months... And the feelings we had for each other were off the charts. There was so much chemistry between us- we could always read each others' minds. It was like a romance novel how much we cared for each other. but he had some problems with being guarded- and was never able to express his emotions towards me... And always pulled away from me out of fear. This hurt me greatly and I didn't understand why- and he could never reach out to anyone- so I had to end it because he was hurting me with the way he was acting. Anyways- summer went by...I moved to Florida- And we both tried to date different people... But we both couldn't get over each other. 4 months later, he texts me and wants to call to chat. When I talked to him- we both realized how much we missed each other- and the next day he sent me a text saying he cares for me deeply. Turns out- I went back to my hometown the following weekend to see my dad and all of my friends- and my ex and I agreed to see each other. When we saw each other- I told him I broke up with my boyfriend because I couldn't get over him- and he did the same. We had an amazing night- watched the stars.. Had dinner- laughed- and we kissed at the end of the night. He told me that he loved me... And we missed each other so much it was insane. The next day we texted ad talked on the phone- and then today- I am leaving back for Florida and I haven't heard from him. I don't understand- is he scared of his feelings? Because this is why I had to end it in the first place. I haven't met anyone that I have been so crazy about as him. Thanks!


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  • Perhaps. Perhaps he is scared of his feelings. Perhaps he is a knucklehead (though I don't it, I think he just has some emotional issues to work through).

    My two cents worth is that you should call him before you go and basically lay it out:

    "either you are going to come clean with me and make this happen, or you are going to let me go. If you 'love' me you will do one or the other."

    You have to be ready to face the fact that he might let you go, but at least you know and you can move on. If he says he wants to make it happen, then you two need to talk about what that means... what is hurting you... and how you can work together to move forward. Both of you will have to give and take.


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