Why is he like this with me?

So I had it in my head that this guy doesn't like me. I was like well what's one more ;( well the two of us work together and all he does is flirt me at work its obvious and cute...so I play along of course ;). So last month I have him my number these interested so I was like why not, well he doesn't text me we talked twice since he got my number so I thought well I can just talk to him at work ! I'm not the type of girl to obsessively text someone, I send one text you don't reply your loss... I wanna talk to him more though, but I'm not sure how to go about that without coming across as weird.

Why would he still flirt with me if he doesn't text me?

I think he likes me but then sometimes I think he doesn't


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  • well let me tell you what I think, he likes you and flirts cause he does but he is not interested in a relationship. He flirts and sees what happens at the moment cause he feels attracted at the moment when you are close and stuff but then he does not really want to have a relationship, he might wanna go out but nothing else. That's what I think from his attitude, anyways if he asks you out go ahead and see what happens later, if he is still the same after a date, it is probably what I said.

    • And that's fine with me If he doesn't want a relationship can't really say I want a boyfriend myself. Being single is lonely so its nice to have that one special person. So maybe he got the wrong idea like maybe he thought I wanted to be his girlfriend.

  • Just keep talking to him at work... and sometime just throw out "Hey... why is it that at work we can talk and fun, but you don't text me?" If he comes back all weird you can just say "hold on cowboy, all I wanted to know is if we are just 'Friends at work' I wasn't asking about anything else" then roll your eyes at him.

    • Hahaha I always roll my eyes at him or stick him the middle finger, in a playful way of course

    • well there you go... you already have your way out... now go for it!

    • Hahaha good deal!

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