I think I blew it? please help. please. please. please

So this summer I met this kid through mutual friends. After a party at his house to which I don't remember most of all of my stuff got left at his house. When I got back my phone he had texted me. I didn't remember giving him my number. We started texting for a couple of days. Getting a long really well, long conversations with puns and so on. We then hung out with our mutual friends. We hooked up that night. Texted again for a couple of days then he asked me on a date. I accepted we went and saw a movie he was really sweet. After the date I talked to him a little bit. He asked to see me before we went on vacation I never replied. I texted him 2 weeks ago we talked a little bit he asked why I never responded. I explained to him the fact that our mutual friends told him I was a year older then I was and I didn't know how to tell him I felt like I was tricking him. We talked that night then didn't for a week and a half. I texted him again we talked and I forgot to send my reply to a message, when I sent it in the morning he never replied. Please please help me what do I do. He was so great and I f***e dit up


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  • Well first off, in future, don't lie. You don't lie, there's less to screw up, there's less things to come around and bite you in the ass later, and there's no maintenance. Secondly, you should not play stupid games like you did. If he's so great, you should have responded. You should have been honest. Bah. Whatever.

    Anyway, here's what you do. You, just message him back, be completely honest with him, and tell him how you feel. Tell him you still want to talk to him, to be with him, if he's still interested. This is what you do. If you're lucky, he'll look past it, and everything will be alright. But from here on out, STOP SCREWING AROUND.

    Good luck.

  • if you really like him, and you can get him to talk again, wait for the right moment, and tell him your feelings. Its likely that he really likes you, and thinks you don't like him back. I think sometimes people can be bad at showing their attraction, or some people are bad at noticing when someone is attracted. whichever is your case, he probably needs to know how you feel. if he really likes you, he'd be relieved to know that you feel the same. It could prompt him to ask you out next time you're having a moment or are on a date.

    If you really want something, always make sure it's good for you, and if it is, NEVER let it slip away and NEVER take too much time to get a hold of it, otherwise it'll get away and you'll be soaked with regret. Just pray that that wasn't what happened this morning.

    Good luck, it sounds like you two will be a really great couple if things work out :)


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