Should I date this guy or what?

I really like this guy, but I haven't known him for very long. I met this guy at the beginning of the school year. I spent the whole day with him yesterday and we had a blast hanging out and just goofing around. He's not the cutest guy, but his personality and ambition really make me want to spend more and more time with him. It's so hard to explain my situation in short! I know he's a v1rgin and I know he thinks I'm attractive and I really want to do stuff with him. But does he want to with me? Does he hold his v1rginity as special? He's only had one girlfriend and he's a total nerd. I really like that about him though. I want him to feel comfortable and frankly I could see myself dating him for a long time. But if he doesn't like me like that, I really want him to be my friend. I don't want to rush things and scare him away but I also want him to know how I feel, since he's super shy. Should I tell him I like him? Should I tell him I want to do stuff with him? We talked about stuff for about 2 hours yesterday and I know he would like it but I just don't know how he feels.


Props if you read my whole dilemma.


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  • Dot go with the old "oh he is a virgin so that's a LESS DATABLE!" If he is a nice guy and you like him, date him!... eventually you guys will do stuff... I mean its not like he will never kiss you or anything. he will get intimate when you have something formal, not all guys are all sexual about meeting a girl, that should be a plus! to you you should appreciate that. Many meet a girl and want to know her, once you guys are officially boyfriend and girlfriend you will do waht boyfriend and girlfriend do!... sooo... this is not a dilema, you like him date him...


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  • Sounds like you pity him. Not good. If he doesn't like you then its silly. You can tell him you like him. What, he doesn't know? He knows. You should not enable him in any way as it would develop not in accordance with his natural being. You aren't shy and he is. You need a person who is not shy and better looking or he will eventually find this out and then it will destroy him and it will be a mistake to have done that. Just be friends only never meant to be lovers.

  • just take things slow and see how it goes. I wouldn't express how you feel yet since you don't how he feels. maybe try flirting with him a bit more and hanging out more.


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