I gave him my number, but should I text him?

I met a guy in the pub yesterday. He asked for my number and he also gave me his card. I got a little bit drunk and we ended making out. When I was leaving, he told me he will call me today, and he also remarked the fact that I have his number in case I need something. He haven't called yet, and I was planning to text him maybe on Wednesday or Thursday. Is it a good idea? I really really like him, and he showed an interest compared to other guys I've been with. Besides, I'm not looking for anything serious, just something casual, very very casual, as he is 8 years older than me (I'm 18 and he's 26).

Should I text him? If so, when and what should I say? Just "Hey! It's ____ Remember me?"


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  • I'd say wait you just met him yesterday? Also with that age gap I'm sure he is only looking for something "casual" as well.

    • so, should I go on and text him first during this week in case he doesn't call me first?

    • Has if a 18 year old guy couldn't be looking for something casual has well Age difference has nothing to do with whether someone is seeking casual sex or a real relationship. Me and my boyfriend have the same age difference and met when I was 19 and he was 27/28 and we are still together. Not all older men are looking to take advantage or to forfill sexual desires because they are attracted to someone younger.

    • I didn't say take advantage of it seems like they both want something casual so win win.

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  • Yes, you should text him if he doesn't text/call you first.

    Like you said give it a few days so you don't seem too eager. You're playing your cards right :)

  • well if you only want something casual - then you should tell him that is all you want when you talk to him again. He may have been drunk as well and forgotten. lol. so maybe text him and ask him if he wants to hang out