Trying to get this girl to talk again?

Ok so we were dating. Everything went pretty dang good. I got a little jealous one day. Apologized saying its not like me and sent flowers. Few days later she said she just wanted to be friends for now. To much between work baby and dating for her right now. I feel that is honestly how she felt. But I really want to keep dating her. Would it be bad ideal to keep trying to text her? I didn't text her for 4 days then yesterday I sent a text in a foreign language saying "you at beautiful ;)" she asked what I said so I translated it. We text for a few hours. But nothing today. So should I just randomly text stuff like that or just no contact?


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  • I think you should give her time. She might be having doubts. Generally, when a girl is really into someone, THEY are the ones to feel this way. But reaching out to her kindly and gently is a good way to go. It shows her you care.

    • So like send a nice text every once in a while, just don't expect one in reply?...

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