Online Dating/First Meet?

Ok, I have been single for going on a year now and I have been talking to many different girls who at first seem cool but after awhile it's like the coolness kind of wear off. So, I tried online dating.

I've met this really pretty girl online and she likes me. I like her, she's very smart with a huge smile. And we actually talk about things! OK, so we exchange pics and stuff and of course, you're going to send your best pics each time and I also have my best pics up on the site.

And so, she tells me I'm handsome which is cool but I don't necessarily feel I'm that. It's good to know, I've been told I was cute many time but IDK. I guess being that fat kid growing up has really wore on my self esteem, and getting dumped. So, I showed my mom pics that I sent the girl and I'm do I really look like that and she's like yea but for some odd reason I don't see it in the mirror.

Anyway, this beautiful girl and I are planning on meeting but I'm kind of nervous because what if she thinks I don't look like my pics, even though they are recent, like it would really suck because after talking to her on the phone for weeks and getting to know her, I really like her and she tells me she likes me too and I can really tell she does because she tells me she is afraid another girl will come along and maybe I like her better or what not. I'm 21 and she's 19, about to be 20. And she is so smart. I love it! Advice please.


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  • Whoa. The online game! I have been there, thankfully I have never had a bad reaction to me. I cannot say that about my reactions to men though.

    Chances are you look great. I used to date a guy who was by far the sexiest man I have ever gone out with, and he did not think so -he was also the fat kid growing up.

    I would suggest to make sure your teeth are clean and you do not smell. Try to smell nice, actually. A woman's nose is pretty sensitive! Look nice but not too over dressed, and DO NOT say anything negative about other women. I had one man comment on all the "fat" women in the restaurant. It was a HUGE turn off. And compliment her sincerely.

    • Thanks. Everything went well and we will be seeing each other again at the library today. I guess she liked me because since the meet we have hooked up and she tells me just how much she likes me and how amazing I am. I really like this girl! Thanks again! I hope tomorrow also goes well.

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  • Just be yourself and be confident. try to be nice and friendly too. say nice things and mean it..

    "Girls fall in love with what they hear. Boys fall in love with what they see."

    and since she's a girl, what's important is treat her right and be sincere.. Good looks and a hot bodies are just bonus to girls who are looking for serious relationships. always remember that.

    and don't forget to smile a lot and have fun :)

    • Thanks a lot. Your answer also came in handy and we have since hooked up and she likes me, which is great! We will be meeting once again at the library with a movie date on Friday and I will be taking her to the fair on Sunday to see an R&B act.

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