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i got into two schools, both outside my home country. here is the deal. One in Australia and the other United Kingdom.

The UK school is closer to my "long distance" boyfriend, that I love deeply. my relatives are from the UK, so I will have people to turn to in case of emergency, and a place to stay if needed which is important because I have a serious health condition. BUT the bad part is that my college credits aren't transferable so I will have to study for three entire years.

school 2. I have always wanted to visit Australia. I don't know anyone there except a guy who I almost dated and broke his heart, however that school accepted my credits therefore I would only study for a year in Australia. I don't have anyone to call in case of emergency however that guy I almost dated is wealthy and stuff and he promises me a "Job" and stuff if I come there. I also create my own organic skin care and Australian l can start a business there and their climate is similar to mine, so not much adjustments in that area

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  • I don't see the point of spending two extra years to get to the same place. Time is something you can never get back, choose Australia.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Of course I pick the UK. Love can bring you great happiness and who knows after school you both may go to the outback. Anyways that's what I think.

  • Australia is generally a much less depressing and dream-crushing place than the UK :P

    If you want to live a life with at least a pint of happiness, stay away from this cursed isle! D:


What Girls Said 1

  • Depends on what you are looking for. Are you looking for a fresh start? Choose Australia...if you are looking for an adventure but with some familiarity then choose UK.

    Personally I would probably choose the UK just because it's nice to have people to fall back on. But then again you also could go to school in Australia for the year then move to the UK and be with your boyfriend and family and not had to spend a sh*t ton on tuition.

    It really just depends on how much money is a factor and how willing you are to go some place where you don't know anyone.


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