Am I not getting a second date or what's up?

First, we're both 18/19. Not mid-twenties... she seems like a shy girl too if that makes any difference.

I met a girl last Friday(like 10 days ago). We went on a date that Tuesday and it went decent/good. The conversation flowed, good laughs, and we extended the date after dinner. She thanked me and we ended it with a hug. But for me, something just didn't feel right after it. I have no clue what it was... anyway, that Friday I call her to ask her out on a second date. She didn't answer. She then texts me Saturday afternoon saying how she's sorry for not returning the call...she's at her grandparents for the weekend and has been super busy(her going to her grandparents is 100% true, so that's fine...). So after two texts I told her I don't need to bug her now then and that I'll give her a call after the weekend or she can call me when she get's back to college. I didn't get a call from her, so I called her a few hours ago. No answer :/ and she hasn't gotten back to me yet. I know she didn't have classes at the time I called her.

What do you think is going on? Why would she text me saying sorry for not calling back, and then not talk to me?

This is what I think: she's shy and doesn't know how to reject me. She texted me after the call the next day because she's nice and didn't want to leave me hanging. But I'm just looking for some other opinions :)


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  • if she didn't have classes could be she stayed a day more with the grandparents,stand back and wait for her to call or text u,if she is interested you will hear from her,if not you have your answer..dont reach out anymore the ball is in her court

    • Yeah, well I know if she's interested I'll hear from her. But why would she respond to my last call and then not want to go out again? After I said I'll call her after the weekend or she can call me when she gets back, she said "Ok sounds good!". Just strange...

    • just wait and see you should have an answer by tonight or tomorrow night,dont hound her tho,she shows interest so be patient

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  • Give her a day or two more. Maybe she wanted to spend more time with her grandparents! I mean yes you could be right but if she apologized once maybe she really did mean it! give her more time, I know the feeling! just relax


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  • Don't call or text her again until she calls back. You've already shown your interest. She knows you called her and can see the missed call. She's also been busy. That still doesn't mean she can't get in touch with you. If you do call her again, make sure to wait several days to give her a chance to get back in touch with you. If she doesn't pick up again, leave a voice mail which has a message that requires her to call you back (suggest a date). Returning a voice mail is a good sign, ignoring it means it is time to move on. Wait a few days, then try this method.

    • That was the plan. I left a short voice mail on tonight's call that pretty much said "Hey it's Jake. Hope you have a good weekend! I'm busy for the next couple hours but when you get this you should give me a call back."

      Why would she text me after my call on Friday, but not call me or answer my call tonight? After I said I'll call her after the weekend or she can call me when she gets back, she said "Ok sounds good!" too.

    • If you left her a voice mail last time you called, you don't owe her any additional texting/calling. The ball is in her court. Let her show some interest in return. Sit tight and don't spam her.

    • I left a voice mail when I called Friday to which she replied with the text. And then I left a voice mail this time which I'll just wait to see what happens. If I don't hear from her in a while, I'll call again. I'll probably wait until Sunday. Just in case she somehow didn't get the voice mail or something like that.

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