Guys: Would you rather know if she's never been kissed?

So he was my first kiss, it went like this:

First kiss: I was off guard and not expecting it, it was…… OK. We were definitely out of rhythm

Second kiss: There were people around, so I couldn’t get into it

Third kiss: Got pretty hot, but he kept trying to use tongue and I didn’t know how to respond. It felt good, but I how no idea what to do. Also, for a moment, he locked lips (air-tight), I just didn’t know what to do.

He told me he was turned on, so he wouldn’t get turned on if I was that bad, would he? Also, when his hands wandered, I let him have a good feel, so maybe that alone was enough to get him all hot… idk

Would it have been better that he knew I’m inexperienced, rather than just think I’m a bad kisser?


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  • Dear, I think you are over thinking. Nobody thinks their way into being a good kisser. They ask their lover what types of kisses they prefer and then they practice. :)

    • At the time, I wasn't thinking so much about it... but when he did something different or new I was just like "crap, what do I do now?" The rest of the time, I'm pretty sure I wasn't bad lol

    • Take a nice deep breath and relax. Nobody comes with a manual on how to kiss. It is a natural instinct you get once it happens. Relax your lips and mouth and go with the flow.

  • Though the kiss may have been good or bad, good job letting him wander! Muchos Props to you!

    if your worried about that, practice your kissing on... I don't know your hand? I've heard of people doing that haha

    • lol, it was totally too soon, but I enjoyed his wander hands as much as he did! lol

      practicing on your hand? heard of that too... but it's just kind of... weird...

      Surely, he wouldn't get turned on if I'm a bad kisser... would he?

    • its definitely weird haha,

      Yeah he would, kissing is very sensual for guys too :P

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