Will he call and when will he call?

We had a date last Wednesday night and have heard nothing from him. The date went really well it seemed. I suggested we get together again and he said next week he will text me since I is busy. It's been 5 days. Will he call and if so...when? When do I contact him if I don't hear from him? Or do I contact him at all?


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  • Have you not contacted him since then? Either he's really busy or he's waiting to hear from you as well if you haven't talked. I'm currently doing that now. I went on a date 2 days ago and had an awesome time with a girl I really like. However, it seems like I try to talk to her and she doesn't try to keep in contact. Therefore, I'm testing how interested she really is by not saying anything and seeing how long it takes for her to remember to talk to me

    • Ok, but the thing is that I said to him to "text me whenever he is free" and he said he would. I don't want to seem annoying by contacting him. Thoughts?

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    • There ya go. That really will be the best way to know. A text every other day or so isn't bad. As long as you don't push or rush anything, hopefully things will turn out great :) Best of luck to ya!

    • And good luck to you!

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