How to get over someone?

I guess I'm the type of girl who falls for the guy who gives her the least bit of attention.

and it sucks.

Well, there's this dude who I have two classes with and I always thought he was cute but never thought much of it. Last week he randomly messaged me about homework, which lead to talking about video games, which led to getting each others' number, etc,etc,etc.

And I was so excited, because this has literally never happened to me before where someone I actually kinda thought was cute, talked to me and was actually interested in getting to know more of me. He was just so nice and friendly and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy and speshul.

But thing is, in person he barely really acknowledges me. I mean, you know what it's like when someone likes you. At least to me, it's when they always try to talk to you or they look at you a lot and you could see that there's some effort on their part to find every opening there is to interact with you and that's just not how he is at all. And I'm being open here, I'm giving him a lot of chances but outside of text or playing video games, he barely even really talks to me or looks at me.

OH, and I found out he's still with his on and off girlfriend/best friend who he's been with since forever and ever.

We still text and we still hang out, but I just... I'd rather not get my hopes up any more than it already is. But I don't know how to get over him.

He's just so cute, and sexy, and perfect, and smart, and awesome, and holy sh*t we actually talk and I'm not just being an ultra stalker by watching him from afar. and he also does not seem at all interested.

and I don't know what to do with myself, Because I like him so much, and there's off moments where it's like he actually cares about me, when I know he's probably just being a friendly person. But, I can't help it..

How do you get over a guy that you're actually friends with?


Most Helpful Guy

  • well it's really hard I know but you have to do that but think in better way that if you use this time chasing him, you can't find other guys who really loves you and cares for you ^_^

    so drop him lol find other guy. don't waste your time catching that slippery fish, I bet you will get other fish that will jump into your boat and you will marry it and make your Mermaid children lol

    (some girl here told me that story lol :p) good luck ^_^


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What Guys Said 2

  • If he has a thing with his girlfriend, you seem to be on the sidelines. Generally for me if a girl is attractive and has a boyfriend. It's like instantly I view her as a friend.

    But anyway, if he has a girlfriend and isn't paying attention to you face to face where it matters, why bother? If he attempts anything anyway it shows he will be a cheater.

  • If you've gotten this far, you might as well go for the long ball before you give up on him. And if you do end up trying to forget him then just get your best friend to do stuff with you.

    • mkay :) it's just that I don't want to get hurt hoping.

    • The way I see it, I would rather get rejected than regret not trying. Also you're not really losing much if he does reject you cause it sounds like you have maybe a month invested in this guy. And it sounds like he will give you a shot.

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  • You get over someone by either focusing on building your own sense of self worth and/or meeting and going out with someone who shows you they really like you (and you really like them).

    So... how I see it is you start focusing on yourself.. and soon you will meet someone else.


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