GUYS! What is he trying to do?

So, I've been guy friends with this guy for awhile. And we went on our first date this last weekend.

But a few days later,we got to talking about an issue between these 2 guys we know (two of our guy friends were fighting about something) he told me not to worry about it and that he'd talk to them and get it resolved so that I won't feel bad about it. And he told me that he'd try his best and to forget about it and have a good week.

Before the date he never said anything like this. (that he didn't want me to worry about it and that he'd take care of everything)

So why is he saying it and acting this way?


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  • uhm...seems to me like there IS something going on between those two. It's best for you to like..secretly find out from the friends that they hang out. Maybe that will help...


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