I feel like he is losing interest..

me and this guy I really like are alwaysss texting and I love that.. he always used to be really sweet and text me 1st, and never just not respond to a text, and always have cute little smiley faces but now its like there's none of that.. but when we hang out he seems interested again.. I don't get ittt!


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  • Maybe he feels like he is crowding you and is not txting as much to give you some space, maybe if you text him every once in a while he won't feel like he is crowding you so much

    he may be losing interest if you lead him on for to long and he will decide to move on, so I you know he likes you and you like him you should ask him out

    I am curently in the same position and it sucks, and I'm kind of like your guy friend so I have an idea of hiw he might feel, but of course I don't know for sure


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  • He's not losing interest in you, he's just bored with texting.

    Guys do not normally text at the same frequency girls do. There is usually a brief honeymoon period at the start of any relationship, where the guy tries to keep up with her. But it never lasts, because he's a guy, not a girl.

  • hang out a little more frequently. if he is keen he won't be able to get you out of his mind and will find resons to text


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